Learn Pickleball Serve: Basic Techniques

Learn how to quickly elevate your pickleball skills to 3.0 skill level. There is no guarnatee but mastering the following concepts will help you get there faster. Your progress will depend on the basic hand eye coordination and prevoius experience playing ping pong, tennis or racquetball. Nothing can replace the time on the court so get out there and play!!!!

Killer Serve

Your serve is a weapon! ....and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Not using your serve offensively is a wasted opportunity. Pickleball serve can be used to attack or to force the opponent to use the least comfortable shot to return your serve.
This is not the "main stream" Pickleball strategy and the highly skilled players don't play this way. It is likely that you too are not top skill, 5.0 player (otherwise you wouldn't be here ;) and if that is so read on.